Wycliffe Caribbean

On the 22nd April 1993, Wycliffe Caribbean was officially launched in Trinidad and Tobago with a Board of Directors. It was founded with the purpose of assisting the Caribbean Church to mobilize its people to obey the Great Commission to evangelize the world. As one of a large, worldwide family of Wycliffe Bible Translation organizations, its focus is on providing the Word of God for thousands of people groups in the language they know best (mother tongue).

Wycliffe Global Alliance

Wycliffe was founded in 1942 by William Cameron Townsend. A missionary to the Cakchiquel Indians of Guatemala, Mr. Townsend caught the vision for translation after a Cakchiquel-speaking man expressed his concern and surprise that God did not speak their language.

Wycliffe Professes…

…the Word it proclaims. Relying on God and rooted in His Word, Wycliffe has what it takes not only to endure, but also to thrive and bear fruit: new believers who also become rooted in God’s Word. It’s about life!

Doctrinal Statement

We adhere to the following truths:

The divine inspiration and consequent authority of the whole canonical Scripture.
The fall of man, his consequent moral depravity and his need for regeneration.
The eternal life of the saved and the eternal punishment of the lost.
The resurrection of the body, both of the just and the unjust.
The atonement through the substitutionary death of Christ.
The doctrine of justification by faith.
The doctrine of the Trinity.

Wycliffe Believes:

The message of the Bible is evangelistic and is the basis for church planting and growth.
For a church to be truly indigenous, it must have the Bible in its mother tongue.
Bible translation is the task of the whole Church, and everyone can have a part.
The most effective means of communication is the mother tongue.
The Bible is God’s message for people everywhere.

Our Core Values:

Trusting in God for the impossible.
Transferring vision and capacity.
The transforming Word of God.
The language of the heart.
Partnering as servants.
Excellence in all we do.

In partnership with the wider Christian community, we activate, equip and release Caribbean people whom God is calling to serve the Bibleless peoples of the world.

We embrace the vision that by the year 2025 a Bible translation project
will be in progress for every people group that needs it.