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There are over 6,000 languages in the world with just under 2,000 languages having not one word of Scripture.  Wycliffe Bible Translators, an interdenominational organization is committed to seeing Scripture translated into the heart language of the Bibleless peoples of the world.  The latest statistics reveal that there are still less than 500 languages that have both the Old and New Testament.


What is WYnet?

A community of students and young people significantly involved in Vision 2025 NOW!

Community: global… online… face-to-face!

students and youths: young… energized … ready!

significantly involved : giving energy, time, resources

Vision 2025 : translation of the Bible in progress in every language that needs it [2,000 more!] by the year 2025.

Wycliffe Youth Network (WYnet) Caribbean is the youth arm of Wycliffe Caribbean and is operated through churches, high schools, colleges and universities via WYnet Clubs. We are partners in Bible Translation and desire as mission-minded youth, to see a translation Scripture project in every language that needs it by the year 2025.

WYnet exists to facilitate a global community of young people passionately and actively involved in the Missions and Bible Translation movement NOW.

There are seven Caribbean territories where Wycliffe Caribbean has  National Teams and only Jamaica is involved in WYnet.  We expect that each of the other Teams will develop a WYnet department in the near future.


WYnet spreads its message through:

WYnet Online

This is our cyberspace meeting place to connect youth across the globe as they link us at WYnet online via FB posting and talking with each other about Missions or any other topic related to the Kingdom.


WYnet Mission Clubs

WYnet Club – It is “a club within a club” that operates within an ISCF/UCCF or other Christian youth groups.  It is a once per month or bi monthly Missions learning environment in which members are exposed to cutting edge Missions information, biographies and Missions Bible Studies, music and simulations designed to move these youth to the next level in discipleship and missionary commitment; to encourage them to get involved in Missions NOW.


WYnet Live (live show video streaming)



WYnet Performing Arts

The WYnet  Performing Arts was born out of the vision to see young people across the Caribbean, put to use their God-given gifts to glorify God among the nations; moving beyond mere Christian entertainment to effective and transformational ministry.

The Performing Arts is a very powerful and effective way of getting across any message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and inspires other young people to get involved in Bible Translation and cross-cultural Missions.   Out of this vision came the drama series “Figa It Out”.  Our production series is meant to be an ongoing part of the ministry of WYnet Caribbean.


Career Missionary

The ultimate is to see, young people who have gone through the various stages of WYnet finding God’s purpose for their lives.  We have seen several of these young persons commit themselves to use their academic qualifications in career missionary service.

We thank God for those who have responded to God’s call on their lives.  Right now, some are in preparation for a career in Missions.

What about you?


WYnet Mission Camps (WYnet Camp)

WYnet Local Mission Trips (WY ME)

WYnet Overseas Trips (WYNOT)