Next Step!

Next Step Missions Camp

The Next Step Missions Camp as its name states is about missions. It is held bi-annually in Trinidad & Tobago, and is hosted by a number of mission agencies and churches in T & T. We prayer that it will always be a time of encouragement, enrichment and enlightenment.


If you are interested in…

  • Learning about missions
  • Becoming a full time missionary
  • Short term mission trips
  • Supporting missionaries on the field

This event is for you…

The objectives of the camp…

  • To bring together various mission agencies in T&T.
  • To sensitize pastors on the importance of missions in the local church.
  • To equip mission support teams with tools to aid their missionaries.
  • To provide those called into missions or burdened with missions with direction for the next step of action.
  • To highlight opportunities available for career and short term missions.
  • To highlight the various families and individuals presently involved in career and short terms missions in T&T.
  • To highlight what mission agencies are presently doing in missions.
  • To provide information on missionaries/ those in ministry locally.


We’ll be taking a look at:

  1. What missions is all about.
  2. Understanding God’s Call – Career, Ministry…Career in Ministry…Knowing your path
  3. Helping your family and friends to understand God’s call on your life: “Making your parent your partner”
  4. Family Life & Singleness on the Mission Field
  5. Partnership Development, Biblical basis for raising support, Understanding fundraising i.e. raising your own support
  6. Local missionary/ministry support,
  7. Training on using modern technology with partnership development
  8. Training local mission committees on supporting their missionaries
  9. The state of the world today – the message
  10. The Next step


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