Jamaican Authentic Literacy Programs

The Language Development Division (LDD) of Wycliffe Caribbean, exists to give attention to the indigenous languages and Creoles of the Caribbean. In this effort, the areas of concern are: recognition of the language, literacy, bilingualism and Bible translation.

The LDD conducted a Bi-Literacy and Bible Reading Project project from 2011 to 2012 with great effect. The objective was to use this project to stimulate a desire for literacy in the mother tongue – as well as to inculcate an appreciation for the translated Scripture. You can view the  outline for this project here.

Wycliffe Caribbean through our LDD is now embarking on an island wide project to teach authentic literacy as an intervention for marginalized children at the primary school level as well as for adult literacy, with the aim of eventually changing our attitudes to bilingualism and ensuring full language acquisition for English and other major languages. This we, hope will also impact other Caribbean nations where there are similar language issues.

Please view a recent presentation on this here and more information on this project will be published on this website soon.