Pacific Wa’a Partnership

Coming  together to engage the church of the Pacific.


God will do this, for He is faithful to do what He says and He has invited you into partnership with His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord(1 Corinthians 1:9 NLT)

Wa’a, a Hawaiian word for canoe, holds special meaning. Within church cultures of the Pacific, the canoe symbolizes the extensive outreach of Pacific Islander missionaries, travelling from one island to another, in their deep sea canoes to spread the Gospel in the nineteenth century.

The Pacific Wa’a Partnership – a multi-mission partnership that includes the Wycliffe Global Alliance is working to create new pathways for Pacific Islanders to be involved in Bible translation.

Pacific Wa’a Partnership meetings are scheduled to take place this week in Port Vila, Vanuatu from January 21-23. Pray for wisdom and God’s leading for those attending the meetings.

For More Information: Pacific Wa’a Partnership