Celebrate With Us!

April 2015


In Wycliffe Caribbean we are celebrating a long awaited development in our organization – the re-launch of our freshly redesigned website! We are so thankful for a small team of gifted and bright young people from the twin-island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Their Godly focus combined with the application of their obvious talents are of great encouragement to us. God is certainly in the process of calling the young and the strong among us for His glorious service in missions. This augers well for the future of the Caribbean movement for Bible translation and missions.


Why is this moment worthy of celebration? The revamping of our website has been on the agenda of Wycliffe Caribbean for a number of years – too embarrassing to specify. In the rapidly changing world of digital information communication technology, we were kept at bay not being able to find the right set of skills needed to take on this task. We knew we had to change and desired it and it is with much joy that we acknowledge that the Lord has heard our prayers and has rescued us. This is worthy of great celebration – our Lord has provided!


Adding to our joy is the youthfulness of the team. Why is this such a great thing and worthy of celebration? Well, since the year 2005 Wycliffe Caribbean determined under God, that the main target group for our mobilization efforts in the Caribbean, is our youth. Who is most likely to step up to the plate, strap a knapsack on the back, full of courage, energy and without encumbrances, head out into the regions of need and make their mark on the field of service? The young! Presently they are in our high schools and colleges. Many, upon their graduation, will not find ready employment in their chosen area of preparation – especially in our region where prior experience is a requirement in the very competitive Western secular industries. We are saying to the youth that there is work beyond our region and many of those nations in need will welcome them – experience or not. Our young people will, in short order, impact communities for sustainable holistic development and return to their homelands as virtual heroes.


We celebrate further as the new website is specifically designed to attract the youth. Thus my joy with working with the young website designers. Who else would know what is attractive and inspiring to the young? It was our desire to have a website that says “hello” to whoever visits. A website that is compatible with the smart-phone-wielding community of the young as well as the young at heart. This new website will say “hello” to our visitors and will offer numerous opportunities for our young people to interact with us and explore the many opportunities for inter-cultural missional engagement within communities across the globe. These are opportunities for service that will make good use of the wide and varied skills being acquired by today’s youth. We are saying to our young men and women: this is your website for digitally interfacing with what God is doing across the globe and how you can become involved in the most exciting undertaking known to man – the demonstration of God’s glory on earth!”


Finally, we are celebrating this moment as Wycliffe Caribbean is taking another step in our challenging but upward journey of creating a movement for missions, Bible translation and authentic literacy across the Caribbean. We do not wish to own this work as an organization, but rather, we seek to create ownership of the work by the people of God… Christ’s body of believers in the Caribbean. Mission and the welfare of the humanities is truly the work of the Church, demonstrating God’s love and glory across the globe one person at a time, nation by nation… until it becomes like the waters cover the seas.


Do explore and enjoy our website… learn about our world… your world… and be inspired to become an active participant in Vision 2025: “…to see a Bible translation project started for every language that needs it by the year 2025”. We value your thoughts about our mission and work, so send us your comments and feedback. Tell us how we can make your visit to this website a better experience for you and we look forward to your participation in praying, giving or going.


Wycliffe Caribbean C.E.O.
John Roomes